UK Feline Gateway Part 1



Pre-requisite: Watch recorded webinars: Pre-requisite: Watch intro and Feline recorded webinars.

Please bring a packed lunch with you and all refreshments

Course outline: Learning objectives for the workshop:

Timetable: Feline 9.30am – 5.00pm

  • Understand the mechanisms that under pin self-medication
  • Discover the truth about working with essential oils and cats
  • How to communicate through the language of smell to help your cat’s health
  • Understand routes of administration and how your cat determines dosage
  • Learn how to read responses
  • Learn how plant extracts can effect physical and psychological function
  • Understand the origins of many behavioural problems
  • Understand why some cats may poison themselves

11am Break

Work with cat 1

Lunch 1 – 2pm

  • Work with cat 2
  • Discussion

Break 3.45pm

  • How to be safe working with cats
  • How to create a therapeutic environment
  • How to work with common problems

Finish 5pm