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Free Educational Resources

Below is a selection of resources we give to you for absolutely free! Please, take the time to absorb the material to expand your knowledge of Animal Self-Medication and the many amazing natural properties it has. 

If you are interested in further education and a deeper understanding in Self-Medication, we offer Webinars, Workshops and, in the near future, our Online Courses

Working With Your Cat

Here you’ll gain a greater understanding in how to offer remedies, see how essential oils can be used to help calm and reduce anxiety, as well as what signs to look for when working with your cat.

Working With Your Dog

Learn more with Canines, from offering nutritional and herbal powders to essential oils. Watch and listen to how Self-Medication can be used in healing with emotional trauma and help rehome rescue animals. 

Working With Your Horse

Take a look into how horses respond to herbs, powders and essential oils. Watch and read on various methods to help identify your horses needs and understand their selections.

Additional Resources

What You Should Know

Here we teach you some of the fundamentals on Self-Medication such as the importance of quality of the remedies, what are Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts & Absolutes, Safety and much more.

Selecting Aromatic Waters

Learn more about Aromatic waters from how they’re made, what types there are and how they are selected by different species with different behaviours.

The Difference Between Food & Medicine

Knowing the difference between food & medicine is important in order to have a better understanding of Animal Self-Medication. Read up on the differences here!