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Recorded Webinar: Canine Self-Medication: Working With Past Trauma and Rescue Dogs

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Join Caroline Ingraham in her recorded webinar: ‘Working With Past Trauma and Rescue Dogs’ that took place on 10th December 2020.

In this Webinar, Caroline takes you through working with animals that have experienced trauma in their lives. This includes having been in rescue homes, faced bereavement or loss as well as those who have had a difficult past.

What Will I Learn?

  • Access past memories
  • Offering aromatic remedies that give comfort and support
  • How to help your dog detach from any negative memories

Topics for this course

1 Lessons1h 29m 01s

Recorded Webinar

Canine Self-Medication: Working With Past Trauma and Rescue Dogs1:29:01

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I can not express my gratitude for your calling on this subject and your dedication to your research. I have watched your work for years, and have studied all your books, and continue to use them as resources and constant inspiration for my work. It has been amazing to see each time you teach that you have discovered new aromatics and ways to get results. I so look forward to more of your webinars. We hold your self-selection application methods very close to our hearts and try our best to teach your methods to our students. We introduce them to your work and most of the students are enthralled with wanting more on this incredible subject from you.
Joan Sorita, Director of Animal Aromatic Science at Northwest School of Animal Massage.

This webinar is so helpful to understand the challenges that you may face when working with a rescue dog. Many rescue and shelter dogs will have some issues, and Caroline helps give you the confidence to put zoopharmacognosy into practice. It is always exciting to see the difference you can make to these dog’s lives with the correct essential oils. To see them transform from physical, emotional and behavioural issues to a happy, well adjusted dog that is able to be adopted. Which, of course, is the ultimate goal of any shelter.

The webinar is very good and helpful for understanding working with trauma. Thank you so much, I cant wait to learn more.

This webinar offers an extremely interesting insight into Canine Self Medication! I love hearing about the impact Caroline's work has on helping rescue dogs overcome past trauma and how she beautifully communicates how the oils work.

Wonderful webinar and incredibly inspirational.
Thank you so very much Caroline!

Canine Self-Medication

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  • To all those interested in a deeper understanding of Canine Self-Medication.