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Recorded Webinar: Canine Self-Medication: How To Work With Aromatic Remedies

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A recorded webinar with Caroline Ingraham on ‘Canine Self-Medication: How To Work With Aromatic Remedies’ that took place on 26th November 2020.

Understand the innate abilities that dogs have to choose correct remedies that have been in their evolutionary history. Let your dog tell you what is needed to regain health, and find out if their behaviour is due to an underlying hidden cause. I will discuss clues to help you know where to start.

What Will I Learn?

  • An introduction to Canine Self-Medication
  • Understanding Canine Self-Medication

Topics for this course

1 Lessons1h 44m 41s

Recorded Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Canine Self-Medication: How To Work With Aromatic Remedies1:44:41

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Caroline has clearly put together this webinar with a lot of thought and passion, and shared so much of her knowledge in a succinct and easy to understand way.

I have attended her canine course in person but the webinar was a great reminder of what the different oils, sprays and herbs can be used for as well as refining my techniques and how to set up the environment. And obviously, it is always amazing to see Applied Zoopharmacognosy in action. I would highly recommend this webinar along with her book.

Thank you so much Caroline for another wonderful educational webinar. I am delighted to see Molly in the webinar between yourself and Molly such wonderful teachers you both are I am sure many people will have gained from watching and listening I certainly did from the whole webinar and from following your guidance and support in the sessions with Molly. I still offer the oils her she is doing great. I am very much looking forward to the courses starting. It is great I could catch up on the recorded webinar as I couldnt make the live session.
Thank you so much
Louise and Molly

I am so grateful for the Webinar on how to work with aromatic remedies!
Sharing all your abundant experiences and your deep knowledge in such a clear, bright, fascinating way.
Through your work and your Being, so much people become more accessible and aware about the impact of the oils and find the connection to the essence of their animals.
Thank you so much!

Another fantastic webinar. The more you learn, the more you want to learn, and thankfully Caroline has so much knowledge and experience to share. Having the recorded sessions to watch again is hugely beneficial.



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Target Audience

  • To all those interested in a deeper understanding of Canine Self-Medication.