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Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy: Private Clients

If you are interested in a private consultation with Caroline Ingraham for your animal, please send your initial enquiry to:

Caroline works via online Zoom consultations to work with clients all around the world. You can make an appointment for a 30 minute consultation to discuss your animal and possible recommendations, or a full online AZ consultation where Caroline will guide you in offering the remedies and responding to your animals responses (an appropriate Ingraham kit would be a pre-requisite for this).

Not all essential oils have the chemical diversity and therapeutic efficacy needed for optimum outcomes. It is for this reason that an Ingraham kit is required for the full AZ session.

The first time I had an introduction to what you do was at the conference where we both lectured at last year. I sat enamored and fascinated, but also emotionally overwhelmed as a veterinarian, because what you were lecturing about not only resonated with me as a wildlife rehabilitator, but it resonated with me as an holistic vet for so many different reasons.

It’s completely fascinating. I’m signed up to take a class with you.
Dr. Karen Becker
Wellness Veterinarian
The Royal Agricultural University

Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy:
Public Engagements

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If you are interested in booking Caroline to speak at your conference, seminar or training event, please get in touch for further details.

For Enquiries: Contact Caroline Ingraham at

Caroline Ingraham At Her Desk In Her Veterinary Practice

Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy:
Health, Conservation and Aromatic Enrichment

Bespoke Training Or Call-outs To Suit Your Organisation

and other organisations working with wild or captive animals!

For Enquiries: Contact Caroline Ingraham at

“Since I was a child I had a dream. I wanted to understand the language of animals. Normally, you would not believe that it can come true, but I trained with Caroline Ingraham and I had the honour of her bespoke veterinary course at Brno Zoo. She taught me to sense every movement and signal that animals can give you in order to establish mutual communication. She provided her knowledge, experience and creative ideas to enrich the lives of animals held in captivity.

It has now been three years, and although I still have much to learn and understand, Caroline is a continuous support. The Ingraham Method of Applied Zoopharmacognosy and enrichment provides captive animals a unique, and more natural environment. It provides animals with an ability to self-medicate to restore and maintain health and well-being. The zookeepers are very excited to help the animals this way as they can see natural behaviours emerge that would normally only be seen in the wild. They call each other to find out the date of my next visit, and it can all exist due to Caroline Ingraham. I am now planting an enrichment garden for the big cats at Brno Zoo.”
Dr. Terka Zerhau
Medical Veterinary