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Ingraham Online Masterclasses: For Everyone

“This is wonderfully put together, thank you Caroline. Learning masses, challenging my thoughts and only just beginning…! Thoroughly enjoying it all.” Karen T

“I have to say that the video examples were so important. Showing variations of responses are so important to me and I am sure to the rest of us learning. It helps confirm what we are looking at with responses when we are working with the dogs.” Thank you, Joan S

Thank you Caroline for deciding to share your knowledge and tremendous work with us. I have been so looking forward to being able to begin this under your tutelage; knowing that it would eventually happen! The course delivery and structure is fabulous; It is hugely exciting learning. I trust one day to gain essential confidence to bring this modality into my clinical practice.” Karen T

“This is a wonderful lesson which is so important . The connection, trust and results are amazing.” Julia F

“I’m loving this course. I’ve learnt so much already (and feel more confident) – and I’m only on Lesson 2!!” Gina E.

“Really enjoying this course.” Alison M.

“Thank you for putting this deeply touching content together. The Animal Kingdom sure deserves us having this knowledge so we can start to understand and help them in ways never imagined before. Feeling honoured to be learning this. Thank you for everything you do. Great to have the videos as a visual backup.” Jolene W

“I’m loving the videos as well, it is inspirational! Thanks for putting the course together for us.” Carol F


This online Masterclasses are designed for those with an enquiring mind, enthusiasm for learning and a desire to help the animals in their care. It will give an understanding of how to work with your animals, whether herbivores, omnivores or carnivores, and how to support their innate ability to self-medicate.

Whether you have little or no experience in self-medication, or you have already studied this field, you will now journey from the basics to the deepest levels of knowledge, with its founder Caroline Ingraham as your guide.
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  3. You will then see the product you purchased
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Provisional release guide:
Module 1: January 2022 (released)
Module 2: Summer 2022
Module 3: Autumn 2022
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Our Live and Recorded Webinars cover a variety of topics from basic to advanced areas of Self-Medication. Here you will find talks on particular species as well as how to take that knowledge & understanding and put it into practice with treatments.


Caroline truly is precious and I think should me nominated for an award for her services to animals and for bringing this amazing work that had previously been unknown into human world. A privilege to have trained with her.

Gillian S

After, what, 15 years or so, I continue to be in awe at this work and with you, Caroline.


An amazing course, loved every minute & learned so much – thank you Caroline.

Kathryn B

Dear Caroline, I am a student who attended your 2 day workshop in Hong Kong. I just want to express my gratefulness for teaching us about animal self selecting medication. I am truly blown away. Thanks again. Love,


I had an awe inspiring time Caroline – thank you – a real light bulb moment.

Angela D

We consider it a privilege being part of the course and the work with the dogs.

Karen W

Dear Caroline, May I in all honesty say how impressed and grateful I am for your diligence and support!  I have been something of a proverbial ‘student’ and can – with my hand upon my heart, say you are absolutely head and ‘whiskers’ above the rest; in a hard won and truly much deserved league of your own.  My everlasting thanks.


I see you as fearlessly authentic as you come from the heart Caroline.

Rachel W-K

Workshops + Events

Take a look at what Workshops & Events are happening over on our Calendar. Come join in with like-minded people in some of the most engaging and productive hands on learning experiences.


Caroline and Zoopharmacognosy are truly amazing. She is a wealth of knowledge and a passionate and inspirational teacher. Her Gateway courses and books are incredible. This practice will not only greatly benefit the health and well-being of your beloved animal but it will also transform your relationship with them. I thoroughly recommend Caroline and her courses. It’s been an honour and a privilege to be able to study under her.

Sarah S


Caroline is a brilliant & passionate teacher – I thoroughly recommend her courses to you if you have an interest in improving your understanding of your pet & being able to help him/her heal him/herself. Caroline’s latest book ‘Animal Self-Medication’ is compulsive reading – I struggled to put it down – brilliant work Caroline!

Kathryn B


I have found Caroline’s Canine 2-day introductory workshop so valuable. I have 2 rescue dogs which I adopted shortly after doing the course with Caroline. Both dogs came with their issues, no doubt as a result of prior abuse and I can honestly say Applied Zoopharmacognosy has been so useful in helping the dogs improve both their physical and emotional wellbeing. Caroline has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is very happy to share it. I can thoroughly recommend the course.

Anne B


Caroline is just amazing! She does such incredible work for the animals. During the training course she was absolutely wonderful as she conveys her knowledge so generously! I recommend her training and of course the books as well! What we learn with Caroline is so fascinating! Thank you so much Caroline! (France)

Sylive D


Caroline, how much I enjoyed yesterday. It is always mind blowing. You are a wonderful lady, and long may you continue doing what you do.

Fiona A


There’s always more to understand in Self-Medication whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Caroline’s books are a great place to begin and learn more on this truly fascinating subject.


Please share with Caroline how helpful her book is.  It is uncanny how the dogs make their selections from day to day.


Dear Caroline – Just wanted to let you know that the book you sent has arrived!  Thank you very much. It is very rewarding to see this kind of publication out there now.  My hearty congratulations to the both of you. Cheers,

Mike  Huffman

Hi Caroline, Thank you so much again for your book – it is a mine of information and I am absorbing as much as I can!!! AWESOME STUFF!!!!


My book arrived today! It looks stunning and I can’t wait to study it in depth! What a treat to see content and design so beautifully combined.

Cat Barich

Hi Caroline, Just a quick note to say Congratulations on your new book, it is Excellent! What a great service you have done & are doing for the animals – Well Done!

Fiona Paul

Hi Caroline, Thanks so much for the book. It’s brilliant, what a great piece of work! A bit of weekend reading for me, for sure 🙂

Justine Allen
Humblebee Films

I’ve always had animal companions and taken every opportunity to learn about their needs especially when they are unwell. Caroline’s book is inspirational and provides a huge insight into the intelligence of our dogs who know instinctively what medicines they need. Every dog owner or animal lover should read this.


The book is really wonderful !!!  I love everything about it – it’s very informative with wonderful illustrations, and laid out in a most appealing way.

M Ray

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