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Ingraham Online Masterclasses: For Everyone

Module 1 and Module 2 will help guide and encourage you to care for your animals by teaching you how they can communicate their needs to restore health and wellbeing.

 This self-study programme is designed for those with an enquiring mind, enthusiasm for learning and a desire to help the animals in their care. It will give an understanding of how to work with your animals, whether herbivores, omnivores or carnivores, and how to support their innate ability to self-medicate.
Whether you have little or no experience in self-medication, or you have already studied this field, you will now journey from the basics to the deepest levels of knowledge in this new field of self-medication and ethology, with its founder Caroline Ingraham as your guide.
Provisional release guide:
Module 1: 30th January 2022
Module 2: Late Spring/ early summer
Module 3: Late summer/ autumn


Our Live and Recorded Webinars cover a variety of topics from basic to advanced areas of Self-Medication. Hear you will find talks on particular species as well as how to take that knowledge & understanding and put it into practice with treatments.

Workshops + Events

Take a look at what Workshops & Events are happening over on our Calendar. Come join in with like-minded people in some of the most engaging and productive hands on learning experiences.

Free Resources

There’s always more to understand in Self-Medication whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Our bundle of free resources can be a great place to begin and learn more on this truly fascinating subject.

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